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Ouch! Sore shoulders!

Sore shoulders / upper back / neck.... I think we have all suffered from some discomfort in this area. Sleeping awkwardly, carrying heavy bags, lifting children, work posture and sport are just a few reasons for it. Tight muscles in this area can also contribute to or even cause headaches! Many people tend to elevate their shoulders without realising. Try to keep the shoulders relaxed and the neck as loose as possible. Stretching, massage, staying mobile and good neck support when in bed all help to keep problems at bay. Sitting up straight will also prevent the neck from extending too much.

Top tips....

1. If you sit in front of a computer, pop a post it note at the top left or right of your screen saying 'shoulders down'. See if your shoulders go down when you notice the note. If they do, you know you were elevating them.

2.Push your left shoulder down and lean your head over to the right to feel a stretch along the top of the left shoulder. Then repeat on the right side. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds. Complete the stretches by looking down towards to the floor and feel the back of the neck stretch out.

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